Basic listings

This page was last modified on the 10th of May, 1999.

You may be interested in a direct access to all the Basic listings published in that Web site:

  • Trnslcbb.bas (our translation program)
  • Chair.bas (that produces a garden chair)
  • Chalet.bas (that builds a simple chalet)
  • Clearing.bas (that produces a random clearing with lots of simplified trees)
  • Cloister.bas (that produces a cloister full of columns)
  • Colors.bas (that demonstrates the use of a hue-saturation-brightness logic)
  • Exclude.bas (that demonstrates the use of the exclusion parameter of the CBB format)
  • Mormon.bas (that builds some sort of a Mormon temple)
  • Tree.bas (that produces a huge fractal tree)

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