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This page was last modified on the 24th of November, 1998.

There is not much in this list, but the links you will find here give you a lot of interesting information... and other links. All the same, if you think I forgot something really important (your own pages, for instance), just tell me.


VRML and Basic on the Web


  • The official VRML 2.0 specs
  • The VRML Repository
  • comp.lang.vrml FAQ (by Bob Crispen)
  • Another comp.lang.vrml FAQ

    For those who have no newsgroups provider, try these two links:

  • Deja News
  • Jammed

    and look for the comp.lang.vrml and comp.lang.basic.misc newsgroups.

    You may also have a look at the qBasic Programmers Webring. I am supposed to become soon a member of this ring.

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    VRML examples

    Apart from the long list of VRML worlds you will find in Bob Crispen's pages (see above), you may try:

  • The VRML Ring Home Page. As you may have noticed on our own home page, our site is a member of that ring.
  • VRML Models (good VRML 1 examples for beginners)

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    Interesting VRML creations

  • VR Cocha (you got it : my own pages you're reading now)
  • Basemental (abstract art; the most interesting amateur I know so far... except that he is not really an amateur any more).
  • Richard Kapuaala. For a long time, it was (to my knowledge) the only VRML 2.0 site whose worlds were really more interesting than what could already be done in VRML 1.
  • The Brunelleschi Duomo in Florence, Italy (great work in the use of textures)
  • Interesting site with the paintings of the San Francesco church in Arezzo, Italy
  • Canadian Cities (Toronto, Ottawa) in virtual reality
  • A sculptor testing his projects in VRML

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    3D examples in non-VRML formats

  • Avalon
  • Mesh Mart

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    Software editors

  • Cosmo Software, editor of Cosmo Player, the most common VRML plug-in nowadays.
  • Intervista (will you be able to download the 6 Mb of World View, their VRML 2.0 browser? From Bolivia, I could not, but it is supposed to be excellent)
  • Caligari (the pictures on this site were made with TrueSpace 2, and I am enthusiastic about this software)
  • The trueSpace Web Ring contains interesting creations, although nearly all of them were created manually. I do think you can do much more interesting things using programming techniques.

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